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Veronica Mars, 10 Years Later: Rob Thomas on the TV Show's Heartbreaking Path, and the Two Big Decisions That Changed Everything

Ten years ago today, the world met Veronica Mars. A fresh-faced newcomer named Kristen Bell made her TV debut on UPN as teenaged private eye, ostracized by her fellow students,who  solves crimes on the side, including the murder of her best friend. Boiled down to it, it doesn’t sound like the makings of a hit TV show. And Veronica Mars was never a hit TV show. Yet 10 years after the show premiered and seven years after it was canceled, Veronica Mars returned to life on the big screen. A book tie-in hit the New York Times best-seller charts. Veronica Mars is now as relevant, if not more than ever before. Why are we still gaga over this snarky blonde detective?